Building a Data Utility!

While focused on fixing the digital divide in rural Pictou County by bringing ubiquitous and reliable high-speed internet to all residents, the project will also create a permanent and long-lasting telecommunication infrastructure that will serve as an economic development tool, increase property values and improve the quality of life for our citizens.


The Municipality of Pictou County's Department of Innovation and Transformation will be launching a variety of services for the community to address the needs of the population and entreprises.


FirstHome Services

The FirstHome Service will provide early fixed wireless Internet access to residents who currently have no service or are underserved. It will also provide a service that First Responders will be able to access in some regions.

Traditional Services

The online Marketplace will allow customers to easily choose their triple-play service options and sign up with a service provider of their choice.

Security Services

Public Safety and the Municipality of Pictou as well as some areas in the Town of New Glasgow will leverage the infrastructure for their security cameras or alerts to make sure you are living in a safe environment.

Education Services

Education services will provide ways to connect remote communities to facilities on a dedicated infrastructure, the schools will be able to provide services on a private network directly to the population.

Wellness Services

Aging-well or wellness services (i.e. physiotherapy) will be able to leverage sensors and devices providing information on a secure channel outside of the Internet to assist in daily activities.

Government Services

The Municipality of Pictou County as well as the Town of New Glasgow will leverage the new telecommunication infrastructure to support their corporate requirements bringing better value and resiliency to local government services.

FirstHome Services

We offer best in class services as a temporary solution for Internet Connectivity, Public Safety and First Responders until the Utility Infrastructure is available to allow for ISP selection.

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Our Partners

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Take our community to the next level

The Municipality of Pictou County understands the enabling effect of having a modern telecommunications infrastructure in our community. The result is a connected and smart community able to access all the services high-speed Infrastructure can bring. This fundamental economic development tool is key to an enhanced quality of life for our citizens and will represent a long-lasting revenue generating asset for the community, enabling a variety of emerging services for our citizens.

Moreover, the global pandemic has resulted in a digital transformation never seen before in modern times and we need to assure all our citizens can take advantage of the new way of working and new way of receiving services. Activities such as remote education and health care, working from home and aging well at home are the cornerstones of closing the digital divide. The efforts are more than offering minimum Internet services, they are more about having impact on the way we live our day to day lives in Pictou County.


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